Pachaiyappas Silks Pvt.Ltd., the one-stop-shop.  Pachaiyappas Silks Pvt.Ltd., the name you can trust!

Shri M.V.M Pachaiyappa Mudaliar started Pachaiyappas Silks in 1926, with a vision to enrich the people in Kanchipuram with the choicest selection of clothes. The humble shop thrived, backed by the principles of honesty and dedicated service.The trade was further nurtured by Shri M.Thandava Murthy, and It grew in leaps and bounds when his sons Mr T.Sundar Ganesh and MrT.Pachaiyappan (a) Prabhu took over the reins.

They manufactured unique and exquisite collections with consistent quality, and very soon Pachaiyappas became a household name synonymous with exquisitely designed Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. Under their dynamic guidance, Pachaiyappas Silks sold superior quality weaves at unmatched competitive rates and started enjoying the patronage of an ever-expanding customer base. This empowered them to set up three shopping malls in Kanchipuram.

The two brothers wrote a scintillating success story and established the brand far and wide. As they garnered more support from customers and became more receptive to their aspirations, they wished to fulfil the longstanding wish to have a quality Silk and Textile shop in the nearby town. They took strategic decisions to enhance the reach of the brand name further, and very soon Pachaiappas branched out into 2 stores- one in Kanchipuram and One in Vellore. They started a branch in Dharmaraja Kovil Street, Thottapalayam, Vellore on 13th December 2013. The Kamarajar Street branch in Kanchipuram was started in 2015. Soon came the Chennai branch in 2018.

Pachaiyappas is now acclaimed as an integral part and iconic landmark in Kanchipuram. At Kanchipuram, our fabulous Silk sarees are exclusively housed in a large block and caters to clients within India and internationally. With a myriad of colour combinations, intricate motifs and lustrous zari, our collections dazzle with oodles of panache. It is a well-known fact that our price and quality cannot be compared to others.

This prestigious complex is divided into 2 wings and houses 3 floors in one wing.

One wing is dedicated to Menfolks! Shop for shirtings, suiting and accessories for all age groups!

. The first-floor houses shirting, suiting and accessories

.The second-floor houses boys readymades

.The third floor is for men's readymades

One wing is for Divas! Right from babies to grannies, we have curated exquisite collections for you all!

.The first floor houses exclusive designer sarees and salwar materials

. The second floor is for girl's readymades

.The third floor is an exclusive outlet for readymade salwars

Our Vellore branch is a 7 storied building, and 5 floors are dedicated to a delightful range of clothing and accessories.

. The ground floor holds a variety of sarees

. The first floor is for exclusive silks and watches

.The second-floor houses garments for teenage girls and women including inner comfort wears

. The third floor is for boys and girls readymades

.The fourth floor has shirtings, suitings, dhotis, accessories, footwear and towels etc

 . Gents readymades are in 5th floor

Our 5 storied T-Nagar Branch has a gorgeous collection of exclusive Kanchi Silk sarees over 4 floors. For stylish and trendy ensembles that are sure to take the fashion world by storm, we have 2 retail outlets called Pachaiyappas Trends and Planet Fashion.

We have a rich customer base panning Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and abroad. Encouraged by this encouragement, we started India's largest store exclusively for silk sarees, in Kanchipuram in 2016. Like an enchanted realm for Silk saree lovers, we have curated unique weaves ranging from Rs 1000 - Rs 2,50,000. There is something for every taste and occasion!

From a quaint shop started in 1926 to a multi-crore textile conglomerate, we have come a long way. We enlive nostalgia every day, as generations of our beloved customers still shop

with us. Now, Pachaiyappas Silks Pvt.Ltd., is in the able hands of our fourth generation entrepreneur Mr S.Vasanth Raj, Son of Mr T.Sundar Ganesh. He has brought in innovative ideas to align more with customers' wishes and manufacture captivating weaves to match.

Deeply rooted to philanthropic philosophy and spirituality, Pachaiyappas continues to take giant strides to make a mark in the silk saree sphere!